Serequel And Anafranil For Psycosis


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icine," it is by no means the undergraduate student who may

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Woodward, in 1884, decided to open an office for general private

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lesions frequently take effect on the head, the face, or the

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of food would, after all, suffice for this ! Two pounds of bread,

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thesia in the hands and legs, in slight disturbances of sensation, unsteadiness

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feature, not to this column or protecting case for its nerve-

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embraced homn;tiiiathy, whidi school she has more gen-

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the inflamed joints. But none of these assertions has been confirmed. It is

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bute to this healing ; but as ii was observed to take place

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— but never sold one. He did not approve of traffic in

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scription was called for by the totality of the symptoms, and the

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nosis). It should be said that, in mild cases, there may be only two or three

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Murphy, John B. , of Chicago, III,, was born Decem-

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extend to the other soft parts and the skin (dermatomyositis) .

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to his cry for " truth," "the absolute truth, . . . though to-day's

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member of the Century Association and of the University Club.

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deodorizing power (such as potassa permanganate, zinci sulphas, ferri sulphas,

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Although the Gazette has still a long road to traverse

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importance and significance of the work so long discussed. " A

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From the very inception of the hospital Dr. Bulkley has been its

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tion ; and, 2d, because he considers Dr. Hughes's case of

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honored name he inherited, — a Christian gentleman, whose example we may emu-

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non-medicinally, and look askance, as at a mere novice, or worse,

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rhage into the mucous membrane of the air-passages to give rise to a slight

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duction by the general editor, in which respectively he gives the

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spection of the clothes which at the aperture of entry show loss

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semblant to the motor ganglion-cells of the anterior horns of the

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of phosphorus in an oily solution (0.01 parts of phosphorus in 100 of cod-

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natural sleep, and violent convulsions, like those of hysteria.

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discover by this aid a food as closely as possible resembling it.

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will have to yield sooner or later ; and the sooner the better, for

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the broader aspects of public health problems, and is secretary of

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rare cases. Her forte lies in correct diagnosis of diseases.

serequel and anafranil for psycosis

frequent in men than in women. Certain persons seem to be especially pre-

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ered and carelessly treated, it is but the precursor of destructive

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