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but like many other subjects which would naturally be affected by the

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as some assume, — is repugnant to all nature's operations and

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required. The wound healed kindly at either extremity, and

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to take, too much medicine. There is no no doubt as to the

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No great pain followed the injection, and no febrile symptoms, except in

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in a woman past 40, is a suspicious symptom, and the more worthy

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seems, by incessant reinoculation with its characteristic product to re-

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that he hath a power within, principles to govern, a nerve to execute his

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piece swallowed was larger than half-a-crown, some-

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The phraseology here is somewhat peculiar ; it is not said that

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one to two drachms of the salt to twelve or sixteen ounces of the vehicle ;

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part, out of the genital fissure, the vagina yet full and the

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mation of the liver, the lungs, &c, is relieved by blisters

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less a farther motive can be adduced for it. Let it be shown, however, that

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fitted for the digestion of every thing that is good for food — indeed,

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pass the hand between a powerfully contracted uterus, and the

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of death in the leaves ; and still more interesting, that this death commenced

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feature of it, as a surgical resource, will be its availability. Wherever

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mined, the Dr. proceeded to the accomplishment of his object.

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this magnitude ? This cannot be said — for the great body of medical

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surely. The intimate connection which is maintained between

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and strongly disposed to burrow into the surrounding cellular

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infinitely more satisfactory to the philosophical mind.

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single proposition may make the sweeping generalizations of

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Case I. J. T. C, Esq., a farmer residing in Cherokee county,

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vanced in collapse, and even moribund — were admitted, in which

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of various tracts of mucous membrane certain structural peculiari-

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is the condition of the rima glottidis, or entrance into the windpipe ? Is it

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directed special attention to the subject before ns. Indeed, the

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2d. That an endemic yellow fever, arising from the same or equivalent

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this wise : like other insects, Notonecta, must come to the sur-

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en merry hops, with sponge cake, ices and lemonade for refresh-

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sleeplessness, despite the free use of opiates. The tinct. aconite root, given

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but its influence on the resolution of the oedema, although proba-

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the middle ear, either continues outwards along the

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ical science, which have been disfigured by the blunders of ignorance, or

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ness, and up to this time he has enjoyed excellent health.

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But whatever opinion the reader may be inclined to predicate upon

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