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tissue. The muscular fibers may be one half or more of the entire
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manifested in affections occurring either with or without the affection of
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and also " Case of Chronic Disease of the Larynx." The
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hours. There were forty-seven cases, and twenty-seven
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tion in this matter, and be especially careful that the men and drivers are in their
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together, the pain disappearing each time the cavities
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months before his death the pain in the right loin became continual. About
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and vocational training for these girls. The goal has been
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those composed of phosphates or oxalates; by the use of a catheter
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turn the balance in favor of a cure, and that the blood
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allowed to dry without being spread out on the sufaceof the slide. After they have dried, the
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The Treatment of Morphine Habitues — Dr. W. C. Ashwokth, Greensboro.
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also used alum gauze. Nonabsorbent gauze would have the
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credulous enough to be imposed upon, he was told that another disease
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referred to the section devoted to diseases affecting the circulatory sy»-
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of cleanliness by the social standing or wealth of the individual.
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Brodhurst ; the removal of the head of the femur, AA'ith or
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simple fever; in other instances, however, the fever-fits (as they occur)
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Dr. McLaughlin — I was going to remark that it does not seem to me this section as it
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night." Then came the irritahility of the stomach ; food
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inflammation from a neighboring structure. Such, for example, is the
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concerning this condition, first mentioned by Bowman in 1841,
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Pages might be filled with similar objections to Mr. Sx)encer'8
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gible to all. At the same time the amount of personal injury inflicted is
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FARCY. — This is an inflammation of the lymphatic structures,
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on the crescentic appearance, usually observed in the latter complaint.
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Submitted for the ObMrvation of the Author^t Friends" first propounded the counter doctrine
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mit a crime outside of the laboratory walls, and courts do
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offending agent. This might lead to the supposition
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four of the states, this seems especially to be the case,
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The difference between this or the nineteen per cent
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to explain. His treatment now is to use an injection of 10
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Tl)e history of the circumstaFices of the case, as accurately
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be employed, but it is of little use if the muscles Vill not react to it,
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The rejection, by the casting vote of the Speaker, of Mr.

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