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George E. Grim, M.D., Kirksville, discussed “Hema-
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VULPIS MORBUS. Alopekia. Literally, fox-disease. Baldness;
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6. Ilium os. The uppermost portion of the os iliacum, probably so
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together and envelope the young shoot; and /ulcraceous, when they are
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Drugs are not indicated according to the best medical
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A'NTRUM PYLO'RI (antrum, a cave). The cave of the pylorus;
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in all Insomnias, Insanity, and in all cases in which hypnotics are indicated.
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C. Edgar Virden, Kansas City; W. S. Sewell, Spring-
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SCLERODER'MA (o-kX»]do5£pmoS) with a hard skin or hide, from
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algebraic sum of the three potentials from the left leg
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fr.agmentorum is extraction of fragments. Cicero has evulsio dentis.
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patella, is the small round bone at the front of the knee-joint.
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Pettis 6 C. G. Stauffacher Sedalia D. R. Edwards Sedalia
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that which represents the atomic weight, though, if the equivalentic
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as proper nursing was out of the question, situated
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the miliary or pearly tubercules of other writers. Mr. E. Wilson terms
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B. A. F. Penrose, J. M. DaCosta, Charles K. Mills, James Tyson, and Dr. Lawrence Turnbull; Professor Wil-
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of o.xygen, by weight ; and of two of hydrogen and one of oxygen, by
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PTY'ALIN (■n-TiiaXoi', saliva). The active principle of saliva, a
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DR. EGBERT H. GRANDIN, Obstetric Surgeon New York Maternity Hospital, Infant Asvhim, etc.
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or immobilization applied early. I think one has recovery
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They are named from their office of receiving those large muscles which
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Anon-metallic element, occurring under various aspects; in its state
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■El Siglo Medico, p.. 606, 1890. — Revista Clinicae Terapeutica, 12, 1890.
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sive backing of every person in the entire field of
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TE'MPERAMENT {temperare, to mixtogethcr, to temper). Crasis.
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base, as in sparganium ; adnafe, when it is att.ached to the filament by its
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only to late authors. The words differed, at first, only in dialect.”
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multiparse, is because the uterus of the multiparous
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parts of the body. In hirsuties, the characteristic is abnormal quantity i

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