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with specific directions for their use, at any one of a

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omentum not much relaxed, mechanical obstruction by traction has

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uniform in their distribution. Even in the areas between the labyrinths


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in the practice of men like myself, whose the forceps may be regarded as a compres-

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It is meet that while additions so tremendous are being made to other

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relieved of the tenderness ; the fourth case, which pre-

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full, and the dilated viscus may be seen extending to the navel. Dilata-

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he was preparing to operate for stone, I took out my watch to time him;

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sophers to unite the healing art with their favour-

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just at the external edge of the radius, and passing outwards and

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of Cerebellar Ataxia” ; and Dr. J. C. Michael spoke on

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pelves where the conjugate is less than two and one-half

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but without softening of the white matter. The rest of

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an infection by importation of the virus with the food."

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intercourse, or, if he disregards this rule, he will

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general practitioner. Laparotomy could be performed just as

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gations showed that the administration of quinin killed the parasites.

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Sulphide of ammonium, however, precipitates the mer-

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thing, but kept me lying on my back until I thought

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ureter in the course of cancer of the uterus frequently

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[ 2 V 2 years]. The once-daily dosage schedule with

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Ability, responsibility and incessant work, demanding that he "devote

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"the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." We thank God for

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But these are not the worst statistics. Some tell us.

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4. — Czempin, continuing, reports another case of myoma

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sufficient to say that she quite recovered in a few weeks, and has continued

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