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a cold, he refers to its remote cause, or what be con-
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Women and Children in the Queen's University, etc. London :
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ficial contusion, with intra-muscular sanguineous effusion, with or
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too much of the encephalic temperament, turn to those out-of-door and phy-
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strates the ability of this pacemaker to terminate the ven-
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curic chlorid has been added in the dose of 0.001 gm. is greater than
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his education, environment, habitx, efforts at HeIf-<'on-
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the literary life. The first relates to jealousy as the
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fluid, as it is identical in appearance and chemical composition
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Preserving Apples. — Pick out the perfect ones, pack them away, surrounding
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The necessities of flight require that the trunk of the bird should not be vertical ; the
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several days. Applied to the skin in the form of ointment it may give
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systematized delusions of persecution, or the mentally irresponsible,
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of hog cholera, and to make sure of the diagnosis one of the sick pigs
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These incisions should be about two centimeters distant from one
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pression. Avulsion calls for general surgical repair work. General
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of these complications are more common than in cases managed in the ordi-
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layers become solid, fibrillated, the seat of cell-growth, and
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Ext. phellandrii aquatic, q. s. ut ft. pil. No. 60.
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quite continuously, into the main trunk of the renal artery.
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carbonate into the bottle containing the bleaching powder
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icines, and endeavor, by great care in diet and regimen,
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Sumner Richardson's division 2nd Army Corps at Fairfax
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The Board of Commissioners appointed by the people to take
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4,000, preceded and followed by sterile salt solution.
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the cord that the starting point of this curious compli-
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to the outside of the limb the operator with this arrangement can
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from 1831 to 1841 Professor of Chemistry in the Philadel-
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of Health, Dr. C. J. Hastings, for the position of Director of Laboratories,
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success rests on strength of arm, keenness of eye, or swiftness of foot.
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most Jersey calves). And in the case of the calf, i mg. of bovine
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man are individuality. If we do not reco_<,MUze tlui in-

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