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nesday evening ; that the dinner of the Association will be

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brushes with them. The British Medical Journal, in a

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Lord Advocate, who took proceedings if he considered it

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not be swallowed and their action obtained after absorption

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much as described in the medical certificates. '■

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ruptures there ; these will come under the heading of appen-

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chapel on Saturday night, on the chief features of the new

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therefore, retrograde, and the Society of IMedical Officers,

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PAvyE. J. F., M.D., B.Sc. appointed Examiner in tlie Practice of Medicine

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been described as of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, not St. Thomas's.

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piece of the third rib would have to be removed in order to

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met with, and of 7 days occasionally, but it is very doubtful

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Swan Sonnenschein and Co., 1893. (Crown 8vo. Pp. 161,

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be found, it may be hoped, in tiie higher education

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they could have a better system than the French system, lor

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Drainage of the Hospital.— Part of Addenbrookes Hospital, which

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odour, and it is only with difficulty that they can be cleansed.

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truding, a result of having been permitted to strain to pass

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his valuable services. There is, however, something to be

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199. Ether was administered 14,500 times without a death.

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tion of a general system ol post-mortem examination.

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sequent decay. But meanwhile another process of analysis

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drain, 37 w.c. soil pans without (or without sufficient) water

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sweeping it out delivered. The uterus was immediately grasped, and the

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The pyrexia of the first stage did not exceed 104° F., but the

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As to these, we may observe that such elements are quite

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divides malpractice into two kiods-namely, negligent, where there is

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before the Council on May 24th, 1893, at 2.45 p.m., on

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which it had been demonstrated that in fatal cases of over-

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It does not follow, however, that the Scottish system is

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to the fact, and that they be asked to consider whether it

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in the slides that the hferaoglohin had left the red blood

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possible to diminish the death-rate by one in ten, the saving to

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attention to the framing of new sanitary regulations in

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Brigstocke, St Bartholomew's Hospital; G McK. McKie and G. H.

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Murphy, and Mr. Makins. It was resolved that Sir W. B.

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execaiire ranks iu <jus5tion, yet dead levelling at the same time is

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BrugBch, trho follows Chabas pretty closely in his rendering

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of maintenance in hospital upon the public and not upon the

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