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many lay psychological observers fail to consider these factors in

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to make any transfer of material through them to the stomach practically

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The Ganglion Cells of the Dermis, Embedded in the ectal

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toward the right side of the organ. Running across the front of the

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Hypnotics may sometimes be used in combination when they fail singly ;

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cussed. The older members of the Kings County Medical Society

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select his text-book largely according to his own judgment.

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but had been the subject of " icterus neonatorum." His complaint had

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The main reasons for mentioning fecal examinations is to point

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certainly the means of transporting the still unknown germ. He relates the

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in the language that has appeared for a number of years.

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on and cleared up rapidly and there was no particular harm from it. The

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tell you that the instant he gets out of bed he feels a most urgent

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per cent respectively yield a positive result. In Interstitial

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A Summary of the above shows the following points to be the

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praiseworthy efforts of the internist and surgeon to provide

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The morbid anatomy also coincides with this observation, for, in the

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series of cases: one treated by ordinary antiseptic precautions with the

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the proposition which Dr. Wolff was ready to offer them — a fixed

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coffee and pineapple juice, the last given as a digestant, a few

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However . . . the Report of the Governor's Reconstruction

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most of the medical profession have not grasped the facts and

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its upper part, now closed by a loose clot. The accompanying drawing

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of those who, while they admire his work, still claim the right to point

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accompanied by sleeplessness and restlessness, it has occurred to Dr. Gram,

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to be uninvolved in the new growth. In the present case, examination

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children, as they excite them unduly. It would be a wholesome

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The collection concludes with the account of a case of tuberculosis

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these two conditions is regarded by Biingner as probable important factors in

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probability this result was due to the invigorating effect of his army

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with that very susceptible lung soil, and they too drop off one

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and highly satisfactory operation of excision of the retracted and ad-

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the statements of Nothnagel and Rossbach, that the drug given internally

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there is heard a harsh, blowing, diastolic murmur, and the second

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Among the more recent contributions to our diagnostic

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