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also that the subcutaneous tissue does not become the seat
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treated by rubbing with a cotton mop soaked in tincture of
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largest epidemics occurred in Boston (Jamaica Plain) in March and
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tional Institutions ami General Readers. Fully illua
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be examined while stripped,, lying upon a padded table,
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irreconcilable detail. Deliberate falsehood or practical
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good, bad, and indifferent should all be published.
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with glowing skin and no wrinkles. Vaginal cytology
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committee, a serpent about three feet long was killed on Cape
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is that which renders human actions either commendable or
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The Prognosis depends much on the degree of the con-
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over Liingsgurte. Wires are introduced to strengthen the ten-
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Chittenden's standard would amount to very large sums, suffi-
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waters — known as ApoUinaris and Hunyadi Janos —
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le traitement de I'epilepsie exp6rimentale par intoxication.
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calls a similar case which I saw in Buffalo in 1SS7 or 18S8.
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especiallj adapted to the form of disease in question.
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pneumonia is a concomitant condition from the commencement,
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needle is pushed through so as to enter the bottom of the
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oj Vagisec liguid. Remove excess fluid with cotton balls. Dr. Davis
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puffing and frothing at the mouth; his eyes, although
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door or open window, looking backward from time to time
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before menstruation, the ovarium is full of ova of various sizes,
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Administration. — Tannic acid is given in solution in
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(Reinsurance is usually distributed among many companies each covering a small share.) The
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sulph.. M gr. j. ; pulv. opii, gr. i. 2. Iced flannel cloths,
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from malaria, enteric, dysentery, and diarrheal diseases are all
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mechanical irritation and tliis vital process. He who inquires into the
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attributed to him. That he was a perfect man it will beseen that
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then gave the technique of his modified hysterectomy
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For 'Honorary Felloics—Dv. J. S. Billings, U. S. A.,
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completeness, convenience and clearness of description.
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over Liingsgurte. Wires are introduced to strengthen the ten-
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being therefore unlikely, its errors and its wisdom are alike
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When convulsions or eye symptoms are present the possibility of uraemia
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Emulsio Duotalis. — Under this name Messrs. Burgoyne, Burbidges
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Head. — The arachnoid surfaces were very dry. The lateral ventricles contained

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