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depth to a considerable extent, but without much, if any enlargement of the sur-

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which man is subject, it is also one of the most obstinate. A vast number of re-

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nephritis. Even then the very large proportion of individuals

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Here the history of the case, a knowledge of the patient's habit, and the use

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same time instituted. One week after this radical treatment, the condition

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cause it was thought it must be a manifestation of the gouty diathesis.

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* Auer and Lewis, Jour. Exper. Med., 1910, ii, 172.

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to New York in the latter part of November, 1912, the pain continued in

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things for the sake of which the sacrifice was made) differ from

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second class, embracing the posts in East Florida, both permanent and tem-

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is on the serous surfaces, and in the cellular tissue entering into the

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did the recto-vaginal canal, or vulva, serve as a receptacle. When I

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llth. No alterations of the symptoms, excepting a diminution of pain

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in fact, the supine posture here as one element in the treatment, for the same

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received twenty inoculations. By March 31, except for slight pain in a

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situated; a strong corroboration of which conjecture I think exists in the circum-

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metronidazole- disulfiram-like reaction with alcohol

capable of exciting the circulation. But you should not be content with this;

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analysis of respiratory movements of the thorax in any and all

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antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which

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old infarctions were present; Malpighian bodies were prominent.

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I have examined after death, these appearances were not very re-

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capitis and P. vestimenti). The experiments with lice were designed

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pressure. After large doses, from J to \ grain, the arterial pressure

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pain appears in the ankles, and when he is standing it seems that a slight

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The truss was removed to facilitate the examination. The lower part of the

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presented a diameter apparently of three inches, whilst the enormous

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but which had been entirely forgotten in the lapse of years. On

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ful inoculation of cultures derived directly from human tissues.

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that he is not free from the failing of many of the clinical reporters of the day,

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noticeable, due to an increase in polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

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was made with Charrere's delicate cornea knife, curved scissors and hooked

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chamber to the other, it was evident that very considerable decrease in its size

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the uterus. Of the eight descendants of the cancerous great-

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dropsical effusions, under its administration alone, or in combination with diu-

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Last year, the program listed some thirteen non-clinical and some

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the stricture is so narrow or other mechanical conditions so peculiar

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