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of our writers and teachers, and the successful men are
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the recent strikes, the occasional puffs of smoke, the low mutterings
biaxin antibiotic price
complicated and explained by the presence of the round worms or
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which I have seen recover rapidly, not alter putting
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Dr. Brock moved, seconded by Dr. Macdonald, that it be an instruction to the Educa-
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In this leprosy-like disease of rats we have an infection which
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lergens and other medical considerations inherent in
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little better. I ordered nitric acid lotion to be ap-
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Kxamiirifi'Ti. tot!,< S- M-ftLirv. '-'it ;tiv rt'tnrin'.l if ilu^ appht-aMt faiU to f"a.s>^ l lie r.xaininafion.
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a patient, after having been in the epileptic state for more than
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hand, if a flowering plant be over-cultivated, it will produce
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mediately after birth, or else may remain latent, and develop weeks or
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of the cornea, pushed well into the anterior chamber, and then, with a gentle
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to the science of obstetrics and to humanity, and Hun-
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and all suitable means must be invoked to aid us to a correct diagnosis.
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of many prolific prophets of the bacteria literature, who now and then
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phosphorus from match heads and drinking the solution. This is not-
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est of them were thrown off their balance, and it became a
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best known in medical literature suitable for the convenient use of
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grave ischasmia of the retina and optic nerve. The arteries and veins
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believe I am safe in saying that no general anaesthetic yet
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and lower sternal and epigastric regions, rapid, shallow, jerky respiration,
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At first sight the appearance was suggestive of tuberculosis, but its
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meconium of foetuses dead in utero, it would probably be considei'ed a physio-
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dependent of the city expert and specialist, without
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a suspicious circumstance, but he is an intelligent man,
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from cases of tumour, the three above mentioned exhibit a remarkable
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I have met with one patient Avho, while excited, showed little %v no
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well-marked malaria-like fluctuations of temperature
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interrupted connection. The mode of development of this
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matter of great interest to compare the sphygmographic
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can be no doubt. As it has been freed from almost all of the cocoa

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