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Day," 1904; "Chinese Lyrics" (under the pseudonym of Pai Ta-

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deeply from mental distress and anxiety : these have been the

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fixed, the resulting oblique line gives the direction and the

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ficial resemblances between the medicines and this disease.

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shrapnel bullets, or shell fragments, and wounds complicated

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the varieties of nervousness and hysteria are frequently found in association

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A spica bandage of the neck and the axilla is then put on ;

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needle, instead of along it. The needle consequently breaks.

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of the mouth, rectal and intracellular injections of normal

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teen months afterwards he served as interne in Bellevue Hospital.

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of the heart, but usually only in such cases as originate in an acute articular

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ciety, and also of the majority of the members of the med-

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ative answer, he would come upstairs with a little grunt of

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less gifted associates might wisely follow, and has illustrated in his professional

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At the end of that time the ulceration of the right leg was more exten-

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starting from a point on the centre of the heel, and going

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pray, — it would go incalculably far to impress the public mind

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vanic treatment, with favorable result. The atrophy was slight,

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a centimetre above the point of the styloid process of the

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(Leipzig: Ludwig Shumann, 1838); Dr. A. Grauvogl, Text-

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Haversian canals becomes transformed into a soft fibrous tissue, while the

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weeks. After a few applications of the acid, the conjunctiva

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lants, in particular camphor, are also required in the severe cases.

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externally and internally, blisters, hypodermic injections of ether,

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studying thereat for one year, he was of the opinion that at Harvard

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Mrdifiiie; Tlu-- New \'ork 01islelric.il .Society; the New

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But I need not multiply cases. We all become indignant, I

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method being to remove the eniirc uterus, closing the

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fraternities. He is a member of the New York State Committee,

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blood at the time the menses are due, or even at other times

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journal, to ask Dr. Willard H. Morse a few questions suggested

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therefore such legislation should be enacted only after the most deliberate

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and wise physician, calm, careful, bold, and with the soothing

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spinal cord are more prominent. But we also observe that

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mounted on an ebonized wood pedestal — to each of the physicians mentioned.

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instructive paper by Dr. N. W. Emerson, entitled " Determination

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Society, of both of which latter he was formerly president ; the Hos-

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nasopharyngeal, attended with ulceration and purulent secre-

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mer disease, and that on the approach of winter the epidemic

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Theory and Practice of Medicine, which he still holds.

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I. All the women with sore nipples who came under observa-

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4 Gelsemium Sempervirens : a Monograph by the Hughes Medical Club of Massachusetts.

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workers. During the past year, two special courses of lectures,

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