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attacks are especially common in patients showing evidence of

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sugar. Cream is Bometimi s increased in itsquantity by boiling together rice-powder,

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Bleeding from various parts of the body ensues ; and the patient frequently dies of

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water) to investigate the ability of the kidney to excrete water.

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tution. It is indeed worthy the consideration of philanthropists, if it would not be

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sac which surrounds the heart, to secrete ami contain the vapor of the pericardi-

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to its strength and the length of time it, is inhaled.

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Why then sublime to redissolve ; why apply heat with some risk

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For the treatment of sprue three different plans of feeding

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fume of the rose, and of a thousand other productions in the field of nature ; how

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health. I firmly believe that but for him I should now be in the grave.

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but he is not aware that advantage has ever been taken of their

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calmative and hypnotic, and has known it to procure repose in

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mitted to the child while it is yet in the womb, and the physical and mental charaq-

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(i/y. Fits and Spasms of Ladies, Tic Doloreux, Rheumatism, Swelled

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clared their ignorance of the existence of these sores until the day of

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morbid appearances of the skin. I will here refer to the mention

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in an attack of severe colic. During these exacerbations sleep

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disease and kill purchasers, and keep the good themselves. But in either of these

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or public health grounds, but solely on commercial grounds, and to meet the

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Toxicology, Foreneio Medicine, and Hygihie. By BBiTJAioir W. RiOHABD-

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Symptoms in a Growing Boy. — J. G., a young boy of ten and a

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in the narrow half of the pelvis, delivery had to be accomplished by

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Dr. Fraseb. — The patient was a girl^ aged 20^ and the carcino-

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a cure. Therefore, may not this concerted action of the medical

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that the function of the mind is that of a passive mirror, simply

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to talk of " optic neuritis^^' and please ourselves with calculating

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deeper inspirations than usual, a very full respiration was taken ;

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ple has been directed to the subject of procuring proper places for the burial of the

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5—8). Copenhagen, F. S. Muhle, 1867, 8vo, pp. 46.

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seems now to be replacing arsenic. From a statement of the

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bule of the larynx to within a very small distance of the edge of the

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the maxim as well with the refined sensualist of the Decameron, as with the grim ruf-

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PoLYAXON (pol-e-aks'6n). A nerve-cell from the horizontal dendrites

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Antilyssin (an-te-lis'in). A substance formed in the blood of an

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more distressing in its symptoms or consequences ; and it should receive the im-

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in our civilised age, exceedingly slight, when so great care is

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