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summer time the influx is from the south, and during the winter
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tioninir him it was found that he had been an invalid
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stroying much of the furniture, and injuring more or less, every article
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be best sustained in their exertions to maintain life.
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cording to another analogy, static electricity wa-< like a thimble-
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of amoebic dysentery and when such an individual has to do with the
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stage, may not be carried out more efficiently than by giving o[)iates by the
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time, it was better to excise it than to return it.
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fluently found, as a result of morbid causes, in otherwise healthy subjects.
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matic compression^ concussion must also exist. A man, who has had
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thousands of people may be bitten by them and still not be inoculated,
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Dr. McKee's case had told his secret to his wife, and he had
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If, according to Nuttall, a tuberculous patient expec-
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ology," the new Boyd's "Surgical Pathology," the new
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presence of colon bacilli in the water. Colon bacilli were
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anthemum flowers are also very active. Caustic lime, ammonia,
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breathing. I increased the lead to three \ Echinococci. — These have been found, M.
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was a case which ended favorably in a few days without any compli-
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artery. In the dog, the stimulation of the central extremities of the pneumo-
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JEtiology. — Chronic rhinitis often has its origin in repeated attacks of
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referring to the use of the forceps, I quote: **But these, or other opera-
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inspectors who have undertaken this work this year, have set in motion
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pected our readers to pay for so much matter republished month after
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ture, the first essential always is to examine this fluid macroscopically;
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fons. Bath rooms en suite, 100 rooms, large galleries, rnodern equipments. 15 acres.
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was distinct, and there was no difficulty in understanding
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has not become gangrenous. The probable seat of the invagination is of
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available and being disbursed. Of this amount $82,000
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which indicates the ])ositi()n of the hyi)ophyseal cleft and by then
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■npre-ed u, ua> the difTereiue in the i^eneral eoiidition of na li wounded
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ing fatty degeneration. Still again, we sometimes find an element show-
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are symmetric and asymmetric. A good example of a symmetric
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produces a solid, bud-like mass of cells (Text-fig. 2, a and PI. 44, tigs.
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fair, at which it is estimated that 10,000 people were
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seems necessary for each man to work out a technique that gives him
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death in California and to determine the epidemiology of
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action, in either the bone, cartilages or sj'iiovial membrane, except,
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ing, but became unwell towards evening. Tire earliest
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procedure of Hirsch, a Vienna rhinologist. Gushing had played a meri-
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scrupulously boiled, cleaned and returned to the individual. The morale
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the mind, but the union between soul and body, though evident,
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which attracted the fluids from within out and just in the same proportion,
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placed under defective hygienic conditions. These same
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to do it. In our haste we drink water freely, swallow our food hastily
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growing comatose. Dr. Thom injected ammonia into one of the
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which, for the time being, may appear objectionable, it is surely
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