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blood in such quantity that the serum w^as milky. I have convinced

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The various alkaline salts cannot be used indiscriminately in

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subject to define what is meant by a spore. A bacterium that is

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methyl xanthin) or other vegetable alkaloids. It will be then either

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June 25, 1892, p. 1,401). It is highly probable that whenever simi-

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any of the substances mentioned. In order to prepare suitable com-

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cally sift a great many more clinical and pathological facts before we

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chlorides, sulphates, phosphates, etc., which are discharged into the

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least resistance, either towards the surface of the body, or some of

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formation <»t* dry crusts or scales along their margin about the eye

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With advancing years and increasing corpulencei they may assume

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1876, the duration of acute rheumatism is thus referred to : " There

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X)ractice, however, the advantage derived from their use does not

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bedding by fire, as they are not worth the effort which would be

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College ; and for two years a tenth part of the lecture

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arrest of circulation in the cardiac wall, aucl it is only indirectly con-

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