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specific gravity is higher than that of normal urine, and urates are present in

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submit to an inguinal colotomy, which has relieved her of pain and of the

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A re«al)ir coMrse of recitutioud and axsimiiiations will include all the reqnirt^d profe«sional wafIc*.

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Copland*8 Diclionary, — A second volume of this highly prized work

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perience in Germany, is concerned, in refusing to allow his conclusions to

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to form comparatively large foci, which usually break down and produce

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Ihe back— 4hose o^uscles intended by nature for the support of the

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teeth, horn, and bone, occur with exceptional frequency in the ovary.

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order, such as gout, syphilis, Bright's disease, antemia, tuberculosis, etc. Or

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lost. The infusion must be discontinued should the patient show any

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•and crura met with in children under twelve years of age and the limitation

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The potency of steam, lobelia and cayenne are portrayed to him ; bis

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among the tribes of Indians in the Upper Missouri. The Mandans,

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An Essay on Cataract, by Theodore Maunoir, M.D., of Geneva, trans-

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gerous, and most obscure diseases. He must be a surgeon ; for he has

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and Prance, will return to this country before the commencement of the lectures.

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contused neck." Now whether the mother witnessed the killing of a

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edy and in a few weekr^ the failure of virion was constant and total.

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cases true haemorrhages occur into the skin, appearing as purpuric spots

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tion of giving 10,000/. for the establishment of a hospital in that ancient

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« No symptom denotes this fatty state of the liver except its augment-

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most value, in many, many points of view. The proposition applies to

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ceeding to right and left towards the sides, and taking each vertebra roughly

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The case appeared to be one of hemiplegia, in as well-marked form

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symptom of all, and consequently is all the more distressing to the patient.

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I prescribed a purgative, with a view of correcting the morbid state of

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that about one half of one sort of members are stupid enough to be

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were restored to the same condition which had existed for months

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lost, the first much roughened, a dullness on percussion nearly natural,

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falling; (e) Arm-lean-standing sacral-beating ; (/) Half -lying stomach-pit-shaking;

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medical advice to the poor, may justly lay claim to a prominent share

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of the coracoid process ; another incision, commencing over the middle

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chloroform before the tube can be passed. ■'After evacuating the stomach

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skin but the mucous membranes, giving rise to vomiting and diarrhoea, and

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by the establishment of the Albany Medical College. At Rochester,

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sense of that word, and as very unlike that of certain editors of certain

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indulged in, severe gastric pains, due to irritation of the sensory nerve-

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