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so rapidly — the hunger and thirst returning — that, after a few-
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Dr. Leavell : These cases, of course, are interesting to all of us,
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wards, when they are to be restrained, dry lint will answer that intention, until
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signated thus as realms: " The J?(/ro;x'a/?, inhabited hy xvhite men; the
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large bloodvessels, the lungs, and brain. Ilis exhibition, however, of
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the attention of the profession by instituting, in his own
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wall of the canal were divided down to the internal
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accurate account of the progreiTive fymptoms of meailes, of
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only. I insisted upon the use of the aspirator, but he refused,
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oz., white vinegar 2 lb. Digest the benzoin in the spirit for
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vice versa, medicine might counteract the effects of malicious magic ;
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much less frequently the seat of the affection, but when the
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insane to the State system whenever the city authorities
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being made twenty hours after the latter had been fixed to the
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quantity of urine was not constant enough to explain the
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32 Flint, Natural History of Articular Rheumatism. [July
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dry, from its elevation ; the atmosphere is highly ex-
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as happy and enjoy life in old age as well as we do in our younger days.
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morbid material existing in the blood. If these facts be borne
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OTer-&tigne, an attack of cartarrh or indigestion, or the occurrence of
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of three represents the average systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressures, determined from a series of observations in a
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material may be obtained from the Journal office. The manuscript,
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lating wounds. He also found that return immigration
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appearance was. in some places, a small zone only around
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it is very comprehensive in regard to etiology, and

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