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four millimetres in diameter, and are attached around the follicular

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but she was far from well. There had been no febrile dis-

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goat is not known. Exceedingly minute quantities of a cul-


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whole they compare quite well witli many other " systems " treating of

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organs. In the other the rabbits die in from two to six days, occa-

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not, but it is a Teague rule that all professional hockey

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milk to a large contractor, who mixes his milk, must

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the honor of having invented the obstetric forceps, — crude

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desirable in theory it might be to do so, in practice no line can

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large, intestine is affected in certain cases of intestinal colic. As applied to

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similar to the first variety, but engrafted upon diphtheria ; a specific

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patients who attended his clinic, who were not tabetic, 77.25 percent, had never

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Since Garrod confirmed the observation of Lipowitz that lithium urate

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Chairman's Address. R. R. Andrews, Cambridge, Mass.

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but it is not at all suitable for laying directly upon the wound, as

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I can not resist speaking of a question of obstetrical science

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cluding the first two books of Euclid ; (d) Latin, including Translation and Gram-

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observes that, theoretically, the treatment of diabetes ap-

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empyema. The empyemal pus of these rabbits contained filaments and

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leading to plate exposure and extrusion, particularly in previ-

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but it must be the absolute, the total want of them.

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" electric chorea " belong to the group now under discussion. I have

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forms of learning or of work, though commonly this special

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both of clinical observation and of anatomical demonstration, as

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with the profession generally, I am induced to relate the following strik-

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a diplococcus, which differs, however, from the Diplococcus pneumoniae of

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all physicians, seems to be effectually aided by Thomson's practice, he

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symptoms were unilateral, or to a great extent unilateral.

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is sometimes announced by an eruption of herpes, or by a profuse

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inscribed on tablets or on the columns. After his mind had

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been the outcome of sucb laws. It may not be out of place to

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