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reward for those services, and we know that this opinion is

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become exceedingly difficult, the patient becomes cyanosed, and for a

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practician is vastly different in different cases presented, but

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ility in an immense number of cases from physical causes.

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and the results of other workers are contradictory. Schrader found

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portion of intestine. In these conditions, faeces may pass

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and Albert Frederick Field, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; Augustas Con-

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would kill him they pained him so. Great thirst, gave him Opii gr. fs.^ Calomel and Ipecic

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straps instead of one ; and when walking was attempted with

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over a chair or couch, or, when sitting, by folding the arms

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nervous symptoms are especially obvious in alteration of in-

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backwards takes place. Then the question is, Is it a

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Lit bf k>l Dispensaries. — Resident House-Surgeon and two Asslstint-

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and when there can be little or no absorption of any drug, unless given

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families have been attacked with the mildest forms of the disease I have

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tients, the attendants do not contract the disease. This i

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and sleepy, without any known additional cause, though she

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as is proposed in the Scottish Education Bill now passing through

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considered as denoting anaemia occurring under the circumstances just

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Pains as from incarceration, as if the bowels were clenched

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11. The best topical treatment for this condition, is cauteri-

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only to arterial anemia when the pressure due to the crowding of the new body

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proves the correctness of the indication derived from it. On the other

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August 11: 3 teaspoons of Levico water. No paroxysm. Urine,

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