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parts. Of fifty-one specimens of American preserved meats, every one
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glands at the same time, but the tax made upon her was
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iliac region ; it then curves abruptly backward and to the
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dition somewhat resembling acute tuberculosis. — Medical Times and Gazette,
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especially as are likely to be of practical use in all ordinary cases of
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cines appear to be safe; localized erythema may occur and.
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Table 1. Responses from graduates remaining in Wisconsin for family practice
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— from one to twenty pounds. The whole instrument
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they are, therefore, to be regarded rather as compli-
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Messrs. Gill and Murphy reported informationally on their
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tendency is for the uterus and ovaries to fall forward
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to blood-heat. On looking over the curves of the sphygmograph it is
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kept as quiet as possible, and in the course of ten or twenty-four hours
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sigh — would bring the blood to the chest from the
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nothing is required beyond a pair of dumb-bells, a pair of
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rhosis of the liver, with changes in the structure and staining
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only directing the studies which they should follow,
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clature of Owen, Oken, Spix, Bojanus, Geoffroy, and
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an average of four hundred and sixty grains for the
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nocuous fibroids in young women who were anxious to bear children, it
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esteem. His funeral was one of the largest ever seen in
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remove the paraffin witli xylol and imbed in Canada
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from wetting the dressings, by keeping the legs a little
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Fort Wayne, Mich., granted leave of absence for two
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twice seen such cases die from perforation and been thankful that I had not
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Medical Pfactice in Armenia* — An Armenian lady physi-
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superficial tendons, and capsular ligaments of the joints. But
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and they may form in a few days by confluence vast red areas in which
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Causes — Traumatic Causes — Spontaneous Diseases — Primary and Sec6ndnry
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The affection is seen in children three or four weeks
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the presence of this pigment connotes increased as against disordered
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Wells it appears that physicians in general are not
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muriate of cocaine as a local anassthetic, in strabismus by
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then drawn back with a Martin's or Sims's retractor, the an-

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