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and as the tissues are held together, the adhesive plaster is applied.

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four weeks ; the average duration is from eighteen to twenty days. The

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Nervous Influence. — Muscles which have been cut off from tlieir trophic

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degenerated, they obstruct the outward current of blood and give rise to

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In the treatment of cold abscess, constitutional derangement or bony

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lumbar abscesses from caries and necrosis of the spine, ribs or pelvic bones,

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• Weigert states that small thrombi are often formed solely of bacteria.

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carried on with as little mechanical impediment as possible. Curtains and

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alone). Suppression often occurs, and the case ends fatally.'

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house physicians), would seem to be limited. It has been proved by actual

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enth, and twelfth dorsal and any of the lumbar vertebrae,

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ever, is not owing wholly to the loss of blood, but is probably due to

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from the source of malarial infection. The elements which render the

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paralysis ; under these circumstances the paralysis is undoubtedly due to

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involying both posterior bases, the difficulty is increased. One should

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Symptoms. — Varying with the intensity of the inllammatiun, an aching

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colored spots, varying in size from a mere point to three or four lines in di-

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attack, and rapidly completes its course, reaching its maximum on the

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6. The patient must be seen within twenty-four hours after apply-

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tion and (2) degeneration of the nerve trunk and (3) the reparative

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reaction to injury in bone is quite similar to the reaction in other

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In all severe types of pneumonia there are two prominent sources of

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In copious h£emoptysis in cardiac disease, ergotin in full doses hypoder-

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every case is lobular in character. The signs which indicate its occurrence

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introduced to the bottom. Where it is made with a septic instrument, it

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by the characteristic pneumonic symptoms, will enable one to exclude

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points will also often greatly aid in making the diagnosis.

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tion. Antistreptococcic serum has been used, and some have claimed to

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valvular lesions in the left heart, or when disease of the lungs, as emphyse-

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with sufficiently strong callus to enable the restoration of the function

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dangerous. The animal is insensible to pain and its taste is perverted

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Sometimes softening and ulceration are so rapid that the process becomes

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cases. The severer the pneumonia the more marked the albuminuria.

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cathartics, diuretics, diaphoretics, and blisters applied in succession over

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there is flatness on percussion, and the sound of the percussion changes

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