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tinue. Urine and fsces still involuntary ; the blood has

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experience of our war, dreadful as it was, and the Sanitary and Chris-

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the tubes, as he considered the patient had suffered enough

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on the ninth day of September, 1891. Present : Carlos

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had jaunaice. It was often present both in the initial paroxysm and in

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of the blood which have in each person a peculiar or personal

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idea of the real quantity, for we care nothing about the quantity of anhy-

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should be put into the ear immediately after the poultice is

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absolutely latent from first to last. I have known patients with several

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The cut surface is reddish in color, with a liberal mottling of gray due

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middle line, forming the floor of the mouth. Between them and

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expressed thus : Certain abnormal stimuli, or usual stimuli

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portion of one of his letters giving facts he has collected, which may be

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experimental work on different classes of individuals, and from a

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On the Present Tendency to Nihilism in Drug Therapeutics 126

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their reproduction and enormous self-multiplication within the

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cision passing in front of the joint nearly as low as the tube-

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with information as to the prevalence of tuberculous milk, con-

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the development of these cases by weeks. The curve follows an

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sixteenth annual report shows that during 1877, 21,438

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to determine that the sex was female i)efore endeavouring to construct an

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udrantageoas. In regulatiDg the diet of diabetics, the articles not on the

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discovered only through the microscopical examination.

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Dr. McLean kindly wrote me December 30th of this year :

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posltlve health personnel. An extremely Interesting

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every four hours ; this evening 10 minims of a 1 in lOUO solu-

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ing wounds of the ])iilmonary parenchyma and of the stom-

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tumor. The tendency of the present seeks for a local cause, and the

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Again, the scientific murderer will mutilate his victim

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tellectual impairment, inability to concentrate the ideas and the attention,

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grave, and thai complete recovers can seldom be assured. I>

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