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Sympathetic fibers to the anterior and middle fossae

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declared free from it, on which day the barrack gates were opened,

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(circumstance against him that he had remained in the room with the dead body.

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I will first speak of pressure upon the carotid as a means

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1 by cyanide of potassium, 1 by precipitation from a height),

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cularis palpebrarum, in orbicularis oris, and in levator anguli oris. Speech

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Some first-class Shorthorn cows, especially those known to be good

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section was performed at St. Bartholomew's in January, 1847, was next the

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special meeting of the society on December 22, and to hold

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But hypochondriasis may be seen in women, especially about the time of

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aperture pointing proximally — i.e., towards the heart — and should

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Habit diagnosed a snb-peritoneal fibroid tumor springing from the lower and

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its lowest terms, :u'ii, as the proportion which the white

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pital, or even to have lier bed changed, she lingered on till the

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Cancerous growths present three principal forms, which result from

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with rickets. The hand is generally slightly flexed at the wrist, the thumb

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the divided tendon can be carried under it, lapped and secured by sutures. The

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for the guidance of local boards, registry officers, and the medi-

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trace of the right acid in the liquid, which, evaporated and mixed with its

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to take over immediately a large established practice

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to trickle in a thin layer along the sides of the receiving vessel. The contact of the

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ity. Now tliis woman has luxated her uterus, and the

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salicylic acids, iodoform and the oleate of mercury. With the

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which have followed the application of his great device for rendering

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England. In accordance with this idea, she has started

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which they are compared yet the symptoms and course

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1894. Wallis, Fbedbbioe Chablbs, F.R.C.S., 107, Harley-street, W.

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such circumstances, the persons who had been "cured."

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in the red and white corpuscles. It is, however, certain that after removal

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Books for review, and all communications relating to the

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characterizing antigenic subtypes of HBsAg; he has tested sera

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174. Taylor. — Body-Temperature in Different Situa-

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disorganization, in extreme cases, of the bones, as well as of the soft

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known deviation from the natural conformation. The shapeless, ugly

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