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M R.C S., L.R C.P , LS.A., Guy's Hospital : L Fothergill Coi'egeof
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to visit the small-pox hospitals, he should make application to Dr.
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Medical Officer of the Home District and the Metropolitan Asylums
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11 o'clock at night, about an hour after she was last seen alive, with no
can compazine be crushed
Hospital ; H. B. Shaw, of University College and Yorkshire
howong docompazine side effects last
menced, the operator having only just introduced his finger
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Mann, J. Dixon, M.D.. appointed Examiner in 'Forensic Medicine at the
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quite normal. Full doses of belladonna taken immediately the pain of
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endowed, will be found the safest way out of the diliioulty.
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daily — to a goat, and found that the amount of iron in its
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Ear and Throat. Tu., 9; Skin, Tu., 4, Th., 9..30 ; Dental, M. W.
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tion could be detected ; in the two others it could not, the
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antivaccination centre has in no trifling degree herself been
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twice daily, and an uninterrupted recovery followed. Once I
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holds good in the great majority of cases, although some
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Dr. Alexander Duke (Cheltenham,) writes: With reference to the question
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^iity of sugar daily eliminated by a diabetic is not an infal-
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ment of the embolus. Amputation was performed in conse-
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amount of vaccination represented in the districts in ques-
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1 Transactions oj the Clinical Society, vol. xxv. Eleven Cases of Compres
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prochlorperazine vs phenergan migraine
day of menstruation as representing tlie period of an ordinary
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Dr. Talbot's report is a list of all the cases which
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ment has decided to establish an institute for the treatftient
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have or have not been justified by our experiences in that
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he remarked that the connective tissue walls enclosing
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might be completely thrombosed, and then could be easily
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is compazine safe during pregnancy
Case of Persistent Membranous Conjunctivitis ; (2) Heredi-
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Interesting and useful report was the result, but, as nothing
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quested to take sole charge of the patient, he should courteously
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from Leeds since the early part of 1891. We learn from the
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annual rate of 0.2'i per l,00i.' ; in Loudon the death-rate from this disease
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general impregnation of the people and the soil, there is a
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of the medical profession in foreign countries who have re-
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was attacked, yet during the same period no fewer tiian 11 fever nurses in
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manner as do your preparations these veritable nests of parasites.
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Vaccinatimi from Ca^f Lymph —air' W. Poster, in answer to Mr. Wrah-
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seized with violent strychnine twitchings, but the amount of sugar in the
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Public Health and other sanitary Acts by the responsible
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whereby buildings erected upon sites previously occupied by
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and a bandage, and over all elastic webbing, so as to get con-
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boracic acid until the fluid returns clear. The drainage tube
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dition of the urine and the condition of the patient upon dif-
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peyronie's disease treated with compazine
time. The symptoms from which he died were a gradually-
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serving in Bengal, is appointed Principal Medical Officer, Peshawur Dis-

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