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arrest while being attended by the Heart Rescue Team and
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lumbia. (Par. 5, S. O. No. 249, A.G.O. Oct. 31,1883.)
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converted by microbiological action to a carcinogen.
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conditions presenting with two sets of P waves. In atrial
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The supra-pubic method was selected on the second occa-
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On December 16, 1886, the patient's condition was as
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file for anyone who wishes to see them. He felt we could
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began to subside, and then a good deal of unnatural mobility
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to go, however, before either the profession or the public can
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and considerations of what constitutes ordinary and what
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exceedingly large size). My reason for not using a larger-
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needed. As previously stated, criminal offenders who are
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symptoms of cavernous sinus thrombosis. A diagnosis of
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D. Scattered capsular fibres above glenoid plate loosely attached
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These two are the principal arguments by which the doc-
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use these observations to discount the influence of man-made
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ment involving potential exposure to carcinogenic sub-
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disease. In treating males for symptoms of climacteric,
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ascertained by rotating the humerus, and then the muscles
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left side of the face was a more or less circular patch of lupus
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smallest '75 of an ounce. The spleen was largest between the ages of
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with surgically, if at all, by nephrectomy, an operation which
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philia is found in both groups and is not a good differentiating
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if The Journal is to be responsive to your needs and desires.
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jective signs would not be found in the patient with psycho-
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itself being removed, and its cut extremity seen at d.
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of New Jersey assay the problem of air pollution in the
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of codeia is especially recommended in the'Hagner; Oculist and Aurist, Dr. Swan M.
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exceedingly ill, but when he came to his journey's end he was

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