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row and the thickening of the walls of the pylorus too considerable.

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skin eruptions. In its worst form thB is exhiBite^^^^ According to

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appetite, increased thirst, and swallowing with pain and difli-

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be equally true, and the experience of most authorities favours a dilu-

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This may account for the observation occasionally made of the

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7. Consideration of memorials, resolutions or other business

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which were exsected, a short time since, from a man

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varies in diflerent individuals, and is probably dependent

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The only other points calling for comment, as far as the cranial nerves

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taneous or intravenous route is being regularly used to

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In the middle lobe of the right lung. This lobe was the most

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cular family. Huntingdon, who first described the disease, has

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ation, may possess unseen elements of difficulty, and

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the Widal serum test (see Serum Diagnosis under "Fevers.") The

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as to family history, as he attributed the disease to the

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was impossible, when one of the control tumors was chosen for treat-

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rather more than the usual quantity of mucus, resembling cream, though

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been observed in his wards since 1897, in all of which a

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kept busy by an affection which seems to be epidemic,

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chapters on Examination of the Sick Child, Hypertrophic- Steno-

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