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into the thoracic cavity. They first of all proceed to the posterior, then

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steamers "Star of the South " and " Marion," aiid in company with

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D. W. YANDELL, M. D., LL.D., and H. A. COTTELL, M. D., Editors.

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sels of retina small, especially, on nasal side ; complete

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day she may take such things as custards, soft-boiled eggs, corn-flour, milk-

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six new suits in 1930, with total paid damages and expenses for the year of $6,485.90 and

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As to mercurials, the confident belief in their power of causing

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in twenty-four hours. About one-third of the nut eaten consisted of a brownish, half-

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a feeling of weight in the head, but never having been unconscious since

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ourselves of every possible means to discover conditions that

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the flap, bulging into the incision. A touch with the curette

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to others, or serve to their nutrition. This law enters, also, into

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Yellow fever usually is described by different authors as

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needn’t bother to reapply. The insurer never alleged a

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often have copious stools, wliich are, at most, pulpy, not watery, we

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infections diseases (small-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup,

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Cecil Bosaxqvet, M. A.. M. D. Oxon., F. R. C. P. Lond. Chicago: W. T.

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exposed parts of the body. A couple of dragons ornamented

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the inference, that the concretions were antecedent to the beginning of the

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were for many years the greater part of Professor Ferguson's

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whom applications, with testimonials, must be sent on or before May 1.

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logical Association at Montreal. — This Association

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been arrested on the charge of maintaining such a nuisance in

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Sc., 1886, 3. s., Ixxxii, 246. Also [Abstr.] : Med. Press &

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ries. Men wear stiff stocks or thick cravats about their necks, even

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the affection be uncom[)licated. The ])urulent discharge contiiuies for weeks,

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to a very few feet, yet, as in the instance of smallpox, it seems some-

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still quite doubtful. I have been interested in the

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in short, the immediate source of guidance in the treatment of

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carcinoma.' Secondary cancer has also been met with in this organ, but it is

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it. Having scarlet fever, we seek for inflammation of the

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Epidemical diseases have one general and immedrate cause 233

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in an upward direction. The comparatively mild trau-

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breed, the less liable it is to tuberculosis. Hertwig points out

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