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which cannot be detected (unless you are really alert) without 100 percent weighing and
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tion. But, at any rate, in all cases which show a continued progression of
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similar heredity can be maintained with any force. As has already been said
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judge of the atrophy ; but the loss of function in the muscles, the diminished
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year-old child, with marked implication of the facial
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bile pupils, ataxia, pain). We do not know whether absence of the patellar
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Two residence halls for men — Hitchcock and Snell — are located on Ellis Avenue
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that staff, been placed in charge of the Pediatric Department and is cared for at the
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uine cases, and even a general " neuropathic taint " can only rarely be made
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this is often associated a decided chill. Sometimes there is a violent pain in
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year or portion of a half-year during which he shall be resident ^689 16s. All
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coological names of the plants, &c, yielding them, and the natural
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oysters can live in polluted waters and may beccane con^minated by human
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treatment. We usually try strychnin injections, or treatment with mild gal-
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dentistry in the United iLmgdom (no matter for how short a time) at the peziod m the paanng of the
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special examination will last at least twenty minutes.
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Departmental prerequisites. — (a) A comprehensive knowledge of the history and
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(3) Geography; (4) EngHsh History; (5) Natural History — Botany,
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fessor, who employs chiefly the fresh subject in the illustration of the
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complete " diplegia facialis." Sometimes, also, the ordinary symptoms of
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Distribution of the Areas of the Sensory Roots upon the Surface of the
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The examination of the tendon reflexes is of great diagnostic importance.
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symptoms, which, for their part, correspond to the conditions above described.
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all sorts of new and strange religious faiths. They are enthusiastic about
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("infantile" form with implication of the facial muscles, pseudo-hyper-
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trics, Materia Medica, Physiology, and General Chemistry, 12 dols»
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in patients with rather marked exophthalmus. It consists in the fact that
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cephaly. At these places the pia is thickened. Sometimes limited cystic forma-
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tremities must be diminished or absent. In these cases the loss of sensibility
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Sasko, Vladimir Molnar, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '36.
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Bwrgery shall be examined, both in writing and viva voce — ^finit, on Botany,
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excited form. In the stuporous form the patient grows silent, dull, and some-
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way of holding the pen and in the position of the arm, etc. Xussbaum has
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to life. Eecurrence of the paroxysms is to be expected if the patient be ex-
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central. Hemorrhage and softening may also be associated. Of course the

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