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the dipping of the peripheral nerves into the hot water, without the

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often mistaken for primary lobar pneumonia. Their onset may or may

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the organic constituents of the superficial soil. The virulence of its

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essential condition for the production of sleep. This may explain why

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and probably with greater intensity upon the peripheral vessels. A

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" Still more recently, in a widely divergent realm of therapeutics,

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clearing the tongue, when we have a red, clean, glazed tongue with

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incision through two inches of liver tissue, which by means of steam was

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ciples enunciated in this work and it is borne out by the clinical data

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the bath, and these were very desperate cases. " What may be espe-

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the smallest arteries and capillaries. Experiments with vagus irri-

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simultaneously. J. M. DaCosta first used pilocarpin in erysipelas at the

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during the stage of efflorescence of scarlet fever are not found in any

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She received twenty-one injections, progressively increased. They were

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of the average child does not possess the resisting power of the adult

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gynjEcologist of Philadelphia, was one of the visiting obstetri-

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parts to which they were applied and in the parts untouched by them.

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of the best intestinal antiseptics, should be added at the rate

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they blacken by meeting with sulphur in the alimentary debris.

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size. In this way large cavities, involving the whole of one lobe and

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WANTED: College educated individuals, male or female, for

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indication which bids fair to secure valuable results — the cleansing of

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•effective. The clearing of the stomach by forced drinking of warm

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