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diclofenac pirkti

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apoplectic, and the tube also distended with blood. In one

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O'Donnell Queen's College, Cork ; J. J. O'Sliea, Queen's College,

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in which he says : " I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your

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Illustrations are given of some of the apparatus employed in

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" That a donation be given from the funds of the Branch to

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and a considerable experience in abdominal surgery, at last

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nothing of territorial boundaries or restrictions, provided

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Block dwellings were not desirable, but under certain circum-

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two successful cases of Abdominal Surgery : (1) Enucleation

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the mortality from small-pox amongst the vaccinated, while

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application of the stethoscope revealed nothing. Apart from

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Surgeon-Major G. L. \V.iLKEii, Madras Establishment, is appointed to

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disease was again prevalent at West Ham, and in the provinces showed

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was 15.6 per 1,000 ; in the back-to-backs, 21.1. For the whole

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{_/> , D W. Aitken, M.B., Edinburgh; Mr. A W. Anderson, Cupar Fife ;

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tricts. It is proposed, instead of enlarging the present In-

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with the proposed scheme of reconstruction, he may be in-

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permit tracheotomy. The urine on March 23rd contained

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