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lloor may involve the deejxT layers of the mucosa or the muscular

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solid food in any form for ten days after his temperature has fallen

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exclusion of numerous others given in that book on the treatment of

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3LAYNEY, J. H., L F,P S.Glasg., reappointed Medical Officer of Health for

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cretions of calculi in either kidney or bladder. There must, therefore,

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but is taking her food well, and has been up on several

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Surgeon-Captain P. J. Lumsden. Beugal Establishment, is appointed'''

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Presentation. — A presentation was made to Mr. Craven at

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Urgent dyspnea may be caused by inflammation with spasms and

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to the summit. The pelvis was diminutive and rostrated, the

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By far the most imxDortant class of cases to excite doubt as to the

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pitals, and now when the battle is at its height they are

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half of the cornea, using the right hand for the right eye and

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from bronchitis, however, in that it is not modified by coughing, and

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disease in both sexes, beginning in infancy, and is so common in Lon-

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which may be suspended in the drinking-water of a town.

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The ductless glands vary greatly in size between themselves, from

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by its artificial inoculation for the purpose of arresting the growth of

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pended when any undesirable symptoms are observed. In i case a

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three days or until the tongue desquamates, after which it may be

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The following are the awards of scholarships and prizes in the Faculty Of

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ceived up to the present time have enabled me to construct

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.all infections except the Bubonic plague. Tuberculosis is accurately

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