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The most recent sunmiary of the controversy has been placed by
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On September 21, five days after the onset of Harry A's illness,
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The arrangement of the apparatus within the incubator is illustrated
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Accepting, therefore, purified edestin and ovalbumin as single anti-
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in some sponges the iodine is also found as a diiodo-
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the outcome of his argument — everyone in the institution must be
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the most persistently recurring of the osseous giant
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will oeiMU'. Evidently, then, in a reflex arc there is ;i considerable
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tions which eliminate the dangers of sulfonamide renal damage. New high po-
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from importers of horses, who claim that the fact that horses are not
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casses are allowed to lose most of the animal heat before being placed in the coolers.
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Whereas, Organizations in the State of Missouri whose ac-
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tioners. Several good reasons may be given for this, among which
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""" "'■ '"■'•■ "'•'•' ''.^- ""' '•' I i'"iii its pla.'e .if pni.Iu.'ti..n (..r al.siup
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ditions, or come in contact with in a harmful way, are
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coarse, the belly meat was thin, the fat thick, and the hams small.
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unclean, unsound, unhealthful, unwholesome, or otherwise unfit for human food, he shall
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back to us, the sooner the B Groups know whether or

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