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at the expiration of which period, if unable to resume duty, his servioes
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two hours). As a rule, the patients are aware of the coming on of the reflex,
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The fnfom&tlofi «n^1e you te: . * . . *
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" Sanitary Science snd Police," Fitzwygram's " Horses and Stables,"
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and similar remedies sometimes succeed in allaying the pain in the joints.
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calf are usually wholly exempt. Fibrillary twitchings in the affected
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nervated from the upper (fourth and fifth) roots of the brachial plexus and
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symptoms. Mental factors (fright, anxiety) sometimes play an unmistak-
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per mensem during their pro^coUegiate training. First two years,
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e WllfdPd Hill Ntdlcal Center Ferw (m form 210), Clinical Records
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of cases have also already been observed in Germany (Osier, Turk, Weintraud,
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authorities easily see, the" actual condition of the eggs" and can vei^jalXy
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ing and " argument about it and about " without ever reaching a conclusion ;
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of the same disease together under the name of " Heine-Medin's disease."
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Midwifery, which having only three months' courses in them are not
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favorable, lead a comparatively endurable life and work hard and profitably
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Some patients profit very much from a trip to the mountains or seashore, or a
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Medicine and Clinical Surgery, including an operation. A number of
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central convolution. The entire motor cortical region is also anatomically
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eases described above, in rare cases the degeneration may be limited to the
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their final examinations after forty-five months' study.
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The examination in Greek includes as obligatory subjects : (a) Transla-
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S. «iat Is tt» jwrwal seizes of events In th* trea«8«nt of a Iwartwww Infection In
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In the milder cases of this sort these hemorrhages constitute almost the only
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or Mackintosh's " Dissertation on the Progress of Ethical Philosophy.
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be marked respiratory disturbance ; the pulse may become rapid or irregular ;
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Wharton, James Dumont, a, iv, sp, Valparaiso, Ind. De Pauw U.
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( 1 ) the development of the specific new growth — that is, of miliary tubercles ;
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ciate moral distinctions goes hand in hand with the general intellectual de-
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irritating substances in the gland, or from the imperfect destruction of such
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latter. Even in injuries of the sciatic trunk, the peroneal paralysis is usually
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condition is almost always very much disturbed. They feel very wretched and
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exaggerate their sufferings, exact a great deal of attention, and are anxious
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some part (hemorrhage, thrombosis, etc.). In most cases central gliosis and
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existent in a slight degree from the beginning. The condition may improve,

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