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coals which he found in the fire-place, of the magnitude of two inch cubes

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ferentiate the condition. As to treatment, little could

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The Levee. — At the levee, held by comiaand of the

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ruptured by a violent twist of the knee-joint. Gangrene of

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sight a hope of an improved mortality rate is worthy of

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limb.) By rapi<l dissection the head of the bone

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cases. If in a given case there is a perforation in an ap-

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surgeon often brings discredit upon himself by operating

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from localities in South Germany and in Eastern France. Almost

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mity with that which has been advised by writers on the Medical Jurisprudence

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ce])1ion gran1(d us by Ihe students ar.d the faculty, both af-

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the uterus and pushing the vesical wall into the vulva

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Conidial fructification up to 140/i in length, once or twice irregularly alternately or

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G.; chloris calcicus, chloruretum calcis, calcii hypochloris,

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soon as labour terminated, and in which the temperature was 99° at noon,

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mercury, I know of no remedy which has been more abused by

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lit a later period after taking food, provided the at lection be not seated at

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during the tension necessary for lifting the superior

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their results, and had, by letter, informed him that he had extirpated ovarian

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local pain and general dejection increasing, she sought admis-

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did, not because he thought he could make useful comments on them, but in

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Tj'ther factor also concerned. In the light of recent pub-

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the eighth day the culture was very rich. Early on January 17th the tempera-

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