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received injections of 5 minims of the extract every other day for three

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chronic bronchitis, peribronchitis, parabronchitis, bronchiectasis,

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ing went up to 4 and 6, respectively, and suddenly during the week

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MD, of Winnebago, was appointed to represent the new

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kind must be given ; and this should not be a mere random guess, but

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The disease is self-limited, and when the morbific atoms which

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intra-intestinal processes. The role of bacteria in the conversion of

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in many other important particulars, which will be conducive to the

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deepening into coma. Occasionally the end is sudden, during a fit of

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This objection alone renders the test practically valueless to the

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Hill and Flack on flours, and the researches carried out on the

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3. Mcintosh, J., and Fildes, P., Xouvelle methode d'isolement et de culture pour

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It is very commonly found in the liver of sheep in wet sea.sons,

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cn-iUi'tl \vl»t>n tlic lust ouikm' was thrown in, antl tlie

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to Dr Hughlings Jackson this is "lateral hemiopia," corresponding halves of

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In the course of the disease the joints become affected

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to " found in the city of Washington a hospital and dispen-

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attack of eclampsia was ushered in by a vivid flash

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plasm, frequentlv so acting on the red blood-cells as to

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the uterine souffle may be in most cases detected low down on the

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official data supplied to me, that the epidemics were steadily on the

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will find that they are exceedingly numerous. But these disorders

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of Berne, reported that in the last nine hundred cases

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ascertained to contain a large number of sarcince ventriculi (see p. 98, Fig. 88),

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It sometimes abounds after the manner of an epidemic Sir James

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chest less intense, the breathing easier, and the occurrence of

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sults that have followed most of the surgical operations

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honor to his memory. To give appropriate expression to these

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opposite side, but more marked in the case of the lenticular than of the

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the victims of small-pox in their midst. There is no period

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after which the posterior-superior quadrant is trephined in order to ex-

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and four years ago ; she has had no miscarriage. Menstruation has

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living in the island of Nantucket, who are over four score years old ; males,

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Other side effects. Nasal congestion, weight gain, and weight loss.

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