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A review of the literature on dissociated icterus will show how the
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danced every dance. On January 1 the fifth treatment was given. He then
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form is confined to certain districts, many of which resemble each
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In our series of patients 163 were male and 142 female. For the
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anterior border of the sterno-mastoid muscle, on a level with the angle
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group, removal of sources of intoxication, etc.) help to terminate
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lung surfaces, as in bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis, may be
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occipital lobes was made, and there were found in all the sections fat emboli,
depression. Two years after the attack there was probably re-infec-
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the pressure of the refluent blood. In the course of time, however,
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This is true of all parasitic diseases in which free parasites circulate in
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ence, or to the number of servants who had rheumatism. The utility
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anteriorly and none of the signs we have considered may be detected,
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lymphangiomata are liable from time to time to become thinned and
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active and the deep leg reflexes were absent. Romberg test was positive and
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in this third report those portions of our recorded observations which
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a transverse section of the brain just anterior to the mammillary bodies.
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the cases occur between the ages of twenty and forty.

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