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the nutrition in the affected tissues should be encouraged. If a person

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or less increase of connective-tissue between the muscular bundles ; and

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like. The terminal phalanges of the lingers become "childbed," and this

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and prolonged ; if during the intervals the i)atient is well and there is no


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There has been considerable discussion as to whether the disease can or

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aponeurosis of the occipito-frontalis, may be spread over a large area. It

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pation, and, while firm, continued pressure gives no pain, their situation

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If a renal calculus is present, and the cause of the pyelitis, more or less

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should be kept quiet in bed during the primary fever, and should not be

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and sometimes an entire lung ; unlike the preceding form, there is no line

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Ether is safer to inhale than chloroform, and has no such after-effects.

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not always be necessary. Only where streptococcic infection seems likely

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direct violence, the bones breaking at the weakest point. In the latter

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enterpxise, whose purpose ia the education of snitable women for onerous and

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Tumors of the Breast are benign and malignant. The benign tumors

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formed. Laryngotomy should never be performed in a child under thir-

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remedies are contraindicated. The alcoholic treatment is a fayorite plan

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To be had throQgh aU Chemista, Poncr Gooda Dealers, JeweUera, Brneb

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are sufficient to distinguish it from other cardiac murmurs. The character

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Symptoms. — Hydatids of the lung, Avhen small, give rise to no symptoms

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in relapsing fever is always good. During our

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Pains do not arise de novo. The presence of neuralgia simply indicates

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of fullness in the nose is sometimes comjolained of, the sensation resembling

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lacerated Wound. — A lacerated wound is one which is torn. Lacer-

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mal, and the fat about it is oedematous. Y.'hen the thickened and opaque

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yellow masses are found at the junction of the cortex and medulla ; they

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shall include all cases. The division of diphtheria into the catarrhal,

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The predisposing causes are: (1) Age. (2) Sex. (3) Muscular de-

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surrounding skin, and so close to each other that they give a confluent red-

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from one place to another becomes the carrier of the germ, whicl) is to

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by no known methods can the ill-developed vertebrae be restored. Tap-

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Water does not act as an antiseptic, but, on the other hand, dilutes and

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