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lift one's self by one's boot-straps; not that this element does not play

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not good, though edible. The stalk is tubular, and the um-

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and the characteristic spongy gums, there often being ulcera-

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unabated among those people who are unable to obtain the hygienic

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in its various forms, belong to the most important and most active

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allowed to sleep for six or eight hours if he can do so.

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fully inoculated upon inferior ani- ♦^ , . ^■. t ^ A.

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Before the appearance of the spots, we cannot pronounce definitely

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are the best and safest method. When the disease is fully developed,

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Cider Cure for Gout — Vegetables in Gout — Contracted Kidney — Medi-

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present is among the most prominent symptoms during the first week,

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by typhoid may be likened to the effect of external stimuli applied in

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that the philosophy of rational existence is wash, wash, wash,

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in order to empty its contents. This precaution is necessary and im-

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American brandies are chiefly made in California. They

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involved than the other, the moist sounds not being heard equally low,

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introduction of that unrivalled stimulant to involuntary unstriped

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make beer, first infuses the malt, then boils it with hops, which

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the gastric pains of dyspeptics, and cases of toxic neuritis are not in-

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irregular, and even intermittent, and I have sometimes observed it to

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baby altogether as near as possible until it has reached the

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is indispensable. It is a trite physiological fact that the standard of

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with the cold wet sheet. A- deep gasping inspiration and a little

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eat old decayed mushrooms, as even the edible ones when

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Tlie Spleen. — With rare exceptions the spleen becomes enlarged in

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recur despite the use of quinin, and this is not the case in malaria.

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bed by two wooden poles, which reach and are secured to the pillow.

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plete plexus where these canals are in close proximity. Branches

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(gr. ij — 0.129), or acetanilid (gr. ij — 0.129), the former being preferred,

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■with constant friction, followed by affusions or preferably by the cir-

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one of the most infective diseases with which we are acquainted. It is

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obtainable pressure in the Hydriatric Institute (thirty-five pounds) ;

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and so do parsnips and carrots. Egg-plant may be used

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The night was celebrated well and all will one day look back on this evening as a fond and

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millions of dollars annually on adulterated foods. There are

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the epidermis, and the person inoculated developed variola, though in a

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causes of complications to the sick, masks for sick-room attendants

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time the patient feels somewhat uncomfortable, and often begs to be

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