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lar judgment. But it must be remembered, that in attempting to
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p. 384, the effect of the misquotation will be apparent to any-
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sults obtained by physiologists on that subject. In some cases
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competitive, expensive, comparatively poor in funds, but rich in clinical ad-
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who are overborne by sickness and want, and not merely theatres for the
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menting barley and rye with hops, allowing effervescence to
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For the last three months he has labored constantly in the coal mines,
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idly active agent, but as a remedy which is as safe as efficacious.
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Leber has shown that copper is particularly dangerous,
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constitute a new and glorious era in the history of our science.
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which there was no original failure of the power of nutrition.
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Can a man draw blood from a turnip, or strike sparks from
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longer or shorter time, it must complain. The victim of reckless
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hensions that have existed in relation to the use of cold as an
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recovered consciousness is any complaint made of loss
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ed, but hereafter it must be knjawn"~3s The. il ^russo Michigan System."
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in the practice of other physicians, both at home and abroad, and
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The chemical changes produced in meat by roasting are slight,
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piece of Omnipotence " to do its bidding. From the disin-
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Rand, A. M., M. D., Professor of Chemistry in the Philadelphia College
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large, and much the same shape, as a goose-egg ; and such
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mal position, and constitutes a marked feature in the appear-
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inquire whether the schools are an out-growth of the profession, or
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tongue slightly furred and dry ; pulse 120, small and thready ; skin
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lation to -bear upon the case, and how different a result might
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