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A paroxysm of asthma may commence without warning, or it may be

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it ; — but in sleep, it occurs in my dreams, and they are such as sometimes

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initiating, adjusting, and discontinuing CARDIZEM therapy to

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turbinated bodies if they were thickened. I regret to say

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take place upon the scalp with such intensity that adherent accumu-

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ogous to Bright's disease. As a result of Richter's observations, uranium was

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What about the resident lung cells themselves? Fifteen

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this vastly better because of the freedom of the skin

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La Science Fran9aise. Tomes I et II. Exposition Universelle et Internationale

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eight ounces of spirits, which, no doubt exercised some influence. It was

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are the consequence of some preexisting cause, which we either do not know or

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ordinary temperature, or when heated in a water bath at a

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vigour. There must, therefore, be something else connected

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chromatosis and Pernicious Anemia, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., Dec. 16, 1899, 1509;

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confounded until then with Cancers. Bulletin of the Society of the

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nervous system — or an intoxicating drug which has a prolonged action.

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nosis — Prognosis — Treatment. Varioloid, or Modified Smallpox. Vaccinia, or

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aflforded a real, effective, and permanent protection from a second attack of

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do injustice to the science of medicine as well as to the

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to give to what may be called common disease such as

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only externally, and is thoroughly rubbed into the skin, from which it is

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years old. had lost forty pounds during the three years

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1 Vide some interesting fiM:ts, bearing on this question, contained in an ar-

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following officers: Dr. James J. Pearson, Pontiac, president;

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their treatment of uterine catarrh appear when compared with the

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the perineum itself. For it is not easy to imagine how the

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Experiment VI.— In order to test theaction of the radium

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extends to the uterus. In a former essay I have termed this

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ROBERT T. EDES, M.D., Assistant Professor of Materia Jledica, Harvard University.

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