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and mesenteric glands are sometimes involved. The fever is of short dura-
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admitted in your paper an ex parte statement, which, if passed over in
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at the correct ratio of the one disease to the other; for
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dition of tlie general vitality ; or, with Romberg, a "all
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SMS annual meeting in Milwaukee. Gordon H. Smith, JD, executive vice
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The large curvature was free throughout its length, except at
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terstitial lung tissue. Pulmonary edema is scarcely to be regarded as an
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thus prepared it secundem artem, for his injecting syringe, and
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tion and of just pride to me, but has laid the foundntion of many professional friendsbif* that
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Dr. F. T. Lord: The pathogenesis of bronchiectasis is always an
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tnnsfonnation of the haematin into pigment. Instead of the fine
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channel. It is then to be withdrawn, the external wound
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plates, it may be added, were made in all cases, and showed numerous colonies
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as a provision of nature to fulfil the purposes ascribed to it by
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just like an x-ray, things like this; we didn't get
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Dr. a. M. Adams, upon a late visit to the Continent, speaks
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law. Two of these were from England, one of the few European coun-
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much as possible. Enlarged tonsils weie cut off with
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quite settled whether the uterus is the locality of conception,
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ferent parts of the empire ; to each of these individuals " fluid virus "
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cian. Drs. Mitchell, Morehouse, and Keen attribute much value to passive
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ance. Again, there may be mechanical results, such as dislocation, which
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in the brain in &tal cases of epilepsy, shows clearly that the early antpmic
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til 1760, that the subject of the due regulation of the medi-
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£300 worth of plate — a gift as creditable to them as honour-
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uterus and apparently into the abdomen, tamponed the uterus
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on the floor, there is a very great difficulty in rising to the erect posture,
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the mouth ; and that the mouth is not as trustworthy as the
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over her eye like a " corkscrew." I found a small clot on the optic
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soriate. Most of us remember Hogarth's caricature of tha
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of air may serve for diagnosis. Tenderness shown on percussion
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muscles, and nerves just as well as in other organs.
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discovery of this latter form of vice that has occasioned
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Atavism must, we hold, be regarded as distinct from the next condi-
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been frozen, the author did not find these hsemor-.
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an instant a long inhalation is made, followed by others,

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