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matic attack, but for obvious reasons this was not always feasible.
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ter plan is to use an inclined plane or trough well lined with cotton
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loud, sudden second sound, often like a tap upon a small drum ; some-
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year, but no recurrence in the third year; (3) those with recurrence
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of the kidney from stone or from the extension of desquamative
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In order to complete the consideration of all this series of pella-
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morning bath, tepid at first and gradually cooler, with subsequent
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manner sufficiently definite to warrant a detailed discussion of them.
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miliary tuberculosis of spleen and liver (and intestine?) ; abscesses, cervical,
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of cerebrospinal syphilis was made. He had had a chancre eight years before.
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tissue factors), gives 1.5 pounds tissue loss. Diuresis of 293 c.c. daily
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importance in diagnosis. Pressure on the branches of the sympa-
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opportunity of observing. Of these 34 are females and 19 males..
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cause the several fluids to pass through a capillary 205 mm. long and
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jaundice attending an acute gastroduodenal inflammation :
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The second sound of the heart may assume a metallic or tympa-
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disease is indicated by the height of the block in that section.
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of the physician : a physician is an engineer who cannot construct, but
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female remedies that act on strips of uterus exhibit practically an
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gray matter of both restiform bodies in rabbits. This was followed
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* From the medical clinic, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and the Medical
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Pellagrin 597, V. Q., nursed him until he was taken to the hospital. She had
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is, are hit upon by this man or the other, and the fixity of the system
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the pellagra families some individuals are characterized only by severe
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dyspnea. She has lately been walking ten to fifteen blocks without any trouble
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the blood rose at least 2.5 mg. per 100 c.c. of blood.
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recorded a case of rupture during an attack of epilepsy. In the case
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From these averages it is clear that the variations in hemoglobin
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marked, though there was no oedema elsewhere and there were also
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average were coloured red in different shades, the darkest red represent-
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February 29 was 50 per cent, in two hours, and on March 18, 45 per cent, in
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auricular rhythm, resulting in forward heart block, or when respond-
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The spermatic veins are also frequently varicose, their swollen

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