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important lesso'ns to assist him in the way of benefiting his fellow creatures.
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surmised if the patient has expectorated a large amount of pus
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continued about a month, made symptoms worse. He was
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it to hold six or eight gallons of water. Into the upper cloth is then put a
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all classifications of disease, in all courses of medical
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albuminoid foods as fish, eggs and cheese, but practically
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the influence of nitrogen. And he concludes by observing that he does not
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He found that fully 25 per cent, of all females whom
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All the operations were performed in the presence of many medical men,
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school-house near the city in order to prevent the health
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are right in the view that frank confession of the exact
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crease the arterial tension to the highest point, whence the
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thumb. The mitral valves were thickened in spots, but not so as to mate-
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from the hospital at the end of two weeks, and healing was
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advised by Wenzel, except that the incision of the cornea was smaller, the
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washed into a little run which empties into the Potomac
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consisting of Dr. Frank B. Wynn, of Indianapolis; Dr. A. P.
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question can be fully impressed with its importance.
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causes of the disease, and also its influence, not only upon the tissues
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have been vaccinated. About 000 notified the Board that they
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April 3, and elected Dr. Charles H. Brothers, president; Dr.
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no macroscopical lesions; not uncommonly, they were mottled
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physicians and student body of the medical department of the
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larger than the retained catheter can be introduced after
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accurately precised, for the particular season of the year
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tini operation had to be resorted to. He does not think it
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school would be advanced by diminishing the number of professors, tendered
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proper, and the failure to Isolate the pest bacillus during life In
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limited to the cells of the organism which they assist in the
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reason of the poisons they elaborate. Concerning the
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the other end of the bar is the handle of the instrument. The
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putting out a fire that haePiinili commenced to burn. 4. Ex-
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1833. Since that time she has been more or less short-breathed. For the
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unpleasant symptoms, dyspnoea, oppression, etc., by remaining at rest in the
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particular phase of pathology or bacteriology, and will be
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