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acids and acid salts. By determining the acidity due to the presence

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life history of the cell. It constitutes an integral part of the cell and

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germs into portions of the lung previously unaffected. An-

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pretty that I otter it here (8) : " The pathological aetiology

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corps, and about 40 percent lower than that for a division. Table

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siderable enlargement of the glands about the neck, a part of which

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at Waiohai Hotel, Kauai, Hawaii. Thurs-Sat. 16 hrs. Contact: CME

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it the lower fibres of the internal oblique and some of the fibres of

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third is not a degenerative type, as it occurs in serum cultures after

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" About the beginning of August I sounded him, but could not de-

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the new staff nurses found working with them in their beginning assign-

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the differentiation from syphilis, yet almost all the other

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no one can think for me; no one can live for me; no one can

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to give a comprehensive digest of the advances made in sani-

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cases, the mother of the child had remained totally

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When, by immediate self-indulgence, a man forfeits a future benefit,

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It is not easy to treat a malady considered by many as only

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several days exposed to the air it becomes covered with

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The treatment with the antitoxin was begun in the latter

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improved, and 3 were unimproved. There were no untoward

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sitting up; respiration under the right clavicle is loud but

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influence through the purer air and the greater out-of-

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entomique <Ibidem, an. 12, 2. s., v. 1 (3), 5 Jan., pp. 9-11. [W™.]

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back to the tonic dose. The dose, of course, will vary with the

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since his marriage, although he paid no board either

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the placenta. A case of myxosarcoma of the cord has been described by

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values. The gambler not only hides and lies; he or she may engage in behaviors that were abhorrent

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