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We desire to mention the special advantages of a few
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President’s Page. .11, 204, 293, 385, 441, 499, 602, 676, 764, 834, 906
haldol 5 mg precio
haloperidol precio de remedios
suggestive of hemorrhage and old pigment from hemor-
haloperidol comprar
rich, Hannibal (1951); John Growdon, Kansas City (1950).
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fuse perspiration. The eruption often occurs without miliaria,
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It is not a balsam, since it contains no volatile acid.
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Pelvic cellulitis and influenza, 474; inflammation, 636;
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which expands into .a 4«tt-like form, and rests upon the cribriform
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PharmaceuticaZ is a Greek word with a Latin appendage. The
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man (1951); Edward Massie, St. Louis (1951); Guy D. Calla-
haloperidol dopamine receptor blockade
either diet or drugs except morphia. In March 1945 a
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as^7jon?/'K of Tinea versicolor; nnA pityriasis nigra, or bl.ack dandriff,
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12. Charles, A. H.; Brit. M. J. 4473:460 (Sept. 28) 1946.
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of which the prefix forms a part, as (Zi-chloride of mercury, i. e. a coin-
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of power of a nerve. Hippocrates uses the term for paralysis. See
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of the Sorbus, or Pyrus aucuparia, or Mountain Ash.
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A'NTHRACENE (deflpaf, a burning coal). A crystalline body
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taining the quality of a metal, usually gold and silver, in an oi-e or
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usually no evidence of clubbing of the fingers, and
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costalis. It depresses the ribs, and is a muscle of expiration.
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term applied to a membranous covering, which envelopes the uni-like
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healthful secretions and permit the glands of the body
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OMPHALO-MESENTERIC {6y<paX6r, the umbilicus). The
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caused still greater improvement. This dose was con-
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SPRAIN or STRAIN. A forcible stretching of muscular or ten-
haloperidol for nausea in cancer patients
PA'PYA JUICE. The milky juice of Carica Papaya, or the
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Luxations, of thumb, irreducible, treatment, 470 ; old,
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SEBA'CEOUS (sehaceus, a tallow-candle, from sebum, suet).
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ft when the eruption occurs on the head. Impetigo larvalis is synonymous
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pense, but the systematic drugging of the body with
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SCORBUTUS. Scurvy. “A chronic disease, characterized by
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the line, on the somatic side. I have long been con-
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siderable benefit from the session and that he would
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sels, which absorb and convey fluids to the thoracic duct. These are
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I KERMES, ANIMAL. Coccus Jlicis ; a hemipterous insect, found
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County Medical Society held its regular monthly meet-
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principle of the male ; the males consist of leaves imperfectly con-
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examining the past in the written word and listened
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vehicle, regimen, &c. It is sometimes preceded b}' the letter S, the

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