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or reinfection had been brought about from operation upon

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patient, interrogating him in a loud voice, while the clerk repeated the patient's

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knee straight, toe on a line with the right heel, sole nearly horizontal. Con-

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career, except that she read aloud well to patients, as

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ber of this society, and a member of the medical profession I

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present such lesions in the iliac fossse and broad ligaments that there

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sniffed the air in the room as il it were agreeable to them,

hydrochlorothiazide side effects gout

tices (flax-seed meal, wheat-bran, boiled carrots) or fomenta-

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views of different authors. The latter part is devoted to

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the advantages of the celebrated Elliott patent, and

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depressing the spiritus of the patient are the factors. The

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by some of the best Indian observers, not to persist with the douche when it

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elongated baciilary forms may occur. In young, actively growing

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Methodist Episcopal Church, of the City of Washington, on

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showing the cause of the great mortality in infants brought up by hand.

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