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bed; faradization over the stomach and back; cod-liver oil, given by the

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kind necessarily have to assume the personal type. While there,

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and Jamison {Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, June 7, 1919, 72, No. 23,

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eral anaesthetic or performing a major operation without special risk,

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vacation. The property can sleep up to 16 people and includes

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Hayti of to-day. He states that Columbus lost the greater part of

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rhoidal veins. This is probably the result of the venous engorgement

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well for years after, as also did their children. Sabourin, Achter-

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startled at the recollections that they had been amusing them-

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breast cancer. Why such underuse? Physicians tend to

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her disease, and then said that heroic measures could be tried.

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the digestive tract. That such infection from the hands in pulmo-

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A.M., I saw, with Dr. King, Mrs. S., aged forty-fuur years, a healthy,

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Special note has been made of the symptomatic indications of dis-

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tuberculous disease. There is here a large field of research in biol-

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cidence of Urinary Tract Infections in Circumcised Male Infants. Pediatrics:

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is not fully considered, aud no further attention is paid to tlie exami-

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kept in this position one to three minutes at a ame. Whilst

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by other writers. Hardly any have been strictly confined to the soft

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plate bdow, be toward the left-hand side. Then take the brass

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and lined with an irregular layer of cell detritus. If, on the other

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these things can be done with electricity? They are also done

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office added an administration charge that is probably on a very

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In a tough marketplace, where a good marketing resource

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single voice was heard uttering a timid ‘No.’ The scene that

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cork ball. The ball was immediately attracted and repelled

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right venticle which would manifest itself by a fluttering rapid pulse.

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Desiccation. — Eecognition of the importance of sputum as a means

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of movements through the eye ; one mode of control may act better

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auce of the shoulders, while the head is thrown back. Of 92 boys

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cases are most suitable for this treatment, but it is worth while trying in all

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retention of the tuberculous infection indefinitely. That this is so has

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