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more quickly and to a higher degree in children than

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communication of the intestine with the bladder. These cases always

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the staff to maintain a ratio of nurse for every population.

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be made to disappear early in the treatment of the case especially where

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examines the candidates for matrimony and if either or both

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lous mammary abscess by injecting tuberculous virus into the

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from a very large number of cases do not show a regular rise

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to day one year after injury with a sound leg without any

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only upon the severity of the symptoms the elevation of the tempera

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recommends Teichmann s hemin crystals test to show the presence of

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microscopically showed the same characters as the original growth.

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ently diametrically opposite in their action as to excite the

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factors assumed by the advocates are at times missing and hence

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Salicylate uf Soda. Recommended by Danielssot. Of doubtful

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than that the alcohol produced chronic inflammation of the

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cases by symptoms which call for surgical interference

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nearly per cent than in the year. The competition of

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out by Dr. Mackintosh who proposed to overcome the stricture and re

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of sanitary councils and municipal health commissions should be abol

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Discussion sur la medication par l argent colloidal.

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