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Vice-Presidents— appointed by the Council on April 13th,

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few months. There can be no doubt that this subdivision of

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of regret that, owing to his charges being ''so very moderate," Dr.

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eating hemlock (Conium maculatum), "sometimes called

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the Museum of the College of Surgeons, was taken. The

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seldom more tlian 70-80 per cent, li.-pmoglobin (Gowers's

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cruel evil to a reluctant parent, and often a very cruel and

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be seen covering the posterior part of the left cord, and

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in committing himself to the opinion that, in the midst of a

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practice in order to attend to his public duties ; that he has acted as

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The Organising Committee of the International Congress of

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to digestion "11! There is much more of the same kind, into

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Taking the various proportions represented by these figures,

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LoBD Randolph CHtiRCHiLi., who made a conditional promise to

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medical officers to supervise the general sanitary condition of

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Gamgee, Leonard Parker, L.R.C.P.Lond.. M.R.C.S., appointed Resident

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may infer, from a passage of Athenieus, that it was an odo-

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CJoimoii Society op London, s.30 p.m.— Mr. H. Allingham : .'A Case of

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it is only 8 or 9 days, and it is possible that, in a small

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that night. Where could they go for evidence of the protec-

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severe pain in different parts of the right side of the head.

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After removal of the gall bladder complete recovery ensued in

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section, while, on the other hand, I find a few highly- respected

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41 from scarlet fever, 25 from small-pox, and 18 from "fever" (princi-

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The signs and Symptoms differ considerably from those of

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for the axis cylind.ers ; nerve cells it stains rather too UBJ-

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maximum price whicli the apothecary is allowed to charge

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medical faculty generally at the level where that great teacher

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can be too large, both in itself and as a means of social

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so as to reproduce and intensify the evils I'esulting from de-

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honour and distinction will be filled by them. Even at this

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Surgeon-Lieutenant A. W. Harris, 1st Hampshire Artillery (Southern

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r^,.^{o!L\ treatment at a price which is remunerative, since it enables the

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INUNDATION (that is, in all three seasons or four-monthly periods of the

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internal and external, of the sac were drained, and became

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Surgeon-Major J. Maitland, M.D., Madras Establishment, is appointed

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his bed, from which he never rose. His death took place on

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Tbis volume is a reprint of a series of papers which have ap-

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