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cent.), water-vapor, small quantities of carbon dioxide, and traces of
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of late. The small muscles on the outer side of the thumb were
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Priifuug des Licht- und quantitativen Farbensinues und
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are the spinal point (Trousseau) and the anterior perforating point. Hyper-
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E. Gains, Esq., Surgeon Cih lioyals, of a daughter.
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roimd losses of substance, which show no inclination to spread laterally.
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subjects that are on the border-line of '"squint" with-
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time the subjects were pursued, still it opened up the way for future study and
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a, a. posterior openings of the nasal fussse, in which may be seen the three turbinated bones and the three meatuses:
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M. flao. L. membra'na Jlacfeida, Shrapnell's membrane.
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Study and Cure of the Maladies, Distempers, and Injuries of
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minuria, great prostration, irregular eruption, local hemorrhage, — all are
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was any such thing as functional indigestion. At that time I
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either threading or forcing their way through the masses of erj- thro-
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for both patients died. In one of these patients exten-
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of the "Confederate Surgeon'' — a name which brings to me
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James Spencer Brown, of Montclair, N. J., {Medical Record >
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hydatid productions. These may be developed within the lungs, or they
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ments of embrponic mesodermal tissue from blood being held in the splanchnic circula-
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However, from the viewpoint of many ysers centraliza-
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(H''b. df Laryngol , d'Otol. et de Rhinol., March 4, 1899.
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temperature that follow no rule, and are perhaps interrupted by
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acute specific fever as being concealed in the diseases above men-
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formed socket, which received the head of the humerus. It
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retropharyngeal subaponeurotic space. After evacuation the walls were
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rying to the fort under a rapid fusilade. Dr. Lipscomb and I
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To delay the setting of the plaster, more water is used; or
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who survived the attack a few days there was also inflammation of the arachnoid
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scribed a new disease, which he attributed to a degeneration of the su-
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be obtained from the patient. The uterus was enlarged
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has given us a result of fifty trials under his own
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patient did not complain of a single symptom of ill health.
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Dr. J. M. Eaton Dead. — Dr. John M. Eaton, an eminent surgeon and
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cold sweat. Instead of a fatal termination, a large j^roportion recover.
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man orator exhausted the sentimental and philosophic
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has been markedly efficient; in tetanus, hydrophobia,
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The right is reserved to reject material submitted for editorial or advertising columns. The
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eating the fruit of the field and then again waste away in death," II.
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blood plasma or blood cells of vertebrates, but may be found in
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elevation of the blood urea, and that the index af-
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ignored the overwhelming testimony of good medical men as to
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branches. This is a false assumption. In the first place, the influence
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which have been induced by the inflammatory stimulus ; and
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contain about a pint and a half of partly fluid and

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